Chat Noir
From Miraculous Ladybug

I was extremely excited to cosplay Chat even before I first watched Ladybug. He's one of my favorite characters, and I hope I'll get to wear this many more times. I had so much fun with our Ladybug group!

Worn at: Katsucon 2017, Dragon*Con 2016

Aardek Tarper  (Fantroll)
From Homestuck

Here is my fantroll! We had a great time doing a fantroll group at Katsucon 2017. It's almost a kind of sending off of the fandom for many people, so it was awesome to see everyone together in such a large group again!

Worn at: Katsucon 2017

Sollux Captor  (Bleachers Print Outfit)
From Homestuck

When I saw the outfits Paperseverywhere designed for her "Bleachers" print, I knew I had to cosplay one of them. Why not Sollux? It was pretty simple; though it did take me a couple attempts to get the jacket right. Sweatshirt fleece was not the right choice of material. This was also the first time I used my cutting machine to make vinyl stencils for the Gemini symbol on the jacket and the honeycomb and bee design on the shirt. I really like how this came out!

Worn at: Katsucon 2017, Anime Central 2016

John Egbert  (Godtier)
From Homestuck

This was the first cosplay I ever wore at a convention, albeit without a wig. After not wearing it for over a year, I wore it again to get pictures, but as is the standard, the only picture I got was a close-up selfie. And then another two years later, I pull it out of the back of my closet for a throwback cosplay! I'm sure we've all seen enough godtier Johns for one lifetime, but for some reason people still liked it. Surprise!

Worn at: Dragon*Con 2016, Anime Detour 2016, Katsucon 2016, Anime Fusion 2015, Dragon*Con 2015, Anime Midwest 2013, Anime Milwaukee 2012

Maiza Avaro
From Baccano!

This was the first time where I watched an anime purely because people wanted me in their cosplay group. I actually really enjoyed it! I wish I were a bit taller for this cosplay, but it works out well enough. I love wearing suits, so I love wearing this cosplay! I feel a bit self-conscious about wearing a fedora around though... lol.

Worn at: Colossalcon 2016

Jude Harley
From Hiveswap

Showing excitement for Hiveswap by cosplaying this alien-obsessed nerd. The first time I made it, I pretty much made a awfully embarrassing fitting pair of pants. Luckily I was able to fix them. I also had to remake the shirt at one point since I originally used the concept design symbol instead what actually ended up in the game. Oops!

Worn at: Colossalcon 2016, Dragon*Con 2015, C2E2 2015

Prince Komali  (First Outfit)
From The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Wind Waker is one of my favorite games of all time. I've actually wanted to cosplay Komali since 2012, but I'd long since forget about it until this group was formed! This was my first time combining two wigs together; that actually went really well! The beak sure was something to wear, and probably looked a bit obnoxious. But that's part of the fun. It was so much fun to mess around with everyone in this group! Hopefully we can wear them again some time!

Worn at: Colossalcon 2016

Hematite  (Gemstuck Karkat)
From Homestuck

This was my first time wearing PAX, and it was...interesting. I made the vest out of real leather, which I thought was cool though honestly I'm not sure how much of a difference that made. Either way, this is probably the least I've worn for a cosplay which I guess doesn't really say much. Ah well!

Worn at: Katsucon 2016

Ember Island Jet
From Avatar: The Last Airbender

This wig was a mess, but this cosplay was one of the most fun I had wearing. I had the group of 13 people to thank for that. Also, I was pretty damn cold outside during the photoshoot, but it was totally worth it.

Worn at: Katsucon 2016

From Homestuck

This was probably one of the most comfortable cosplays I've worn. It was so simple, I could wear it out in public without getting too many weird looks, which is why it ended up becoming my go-to Sunday cosplay for many cons. My favorite part was the business cards I had made to give out to any Johns I saw; I still have a bunch of those left over. Also points to me for wearing this trilby before it was social suicide.

Worn at: Dragon*Con 2015, Anime Central 2013, Anime Detour 2013, Karoshi-Con 2013

The Psiioniic
From Homestuck

Welcome to paneling hell. Surprisingly, it came out rather well! And now I'm speaking in couplets. Anyway, this was also the first cosplay I wore sclera contacts for. Those were a blast to get used to, let me tell you. This cosplay was great to wear because it covered the most skin, which in turn meant the least amount of gray. Thank god.

Worn at: Dragon*Con 2015, Katsucon 2015, Anime Milwaukee 2014

Beryl  (Gemstuck Sollux)
From Homestuck

This is the ultimate trash cosplay: Homestuck + Steven Universe. The design is by Ikimaru. I put this together pretty quickly for Dragon*Con 2015 at the last minute, but I think it came together well enough! I was actually surprised that people recognized it!

Worn at: Dragon*Con 2015

Maxie  (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire)
From Pokemon

This was my second attempt at a suit jacket, and it turned out much better. I even figured out how to line it completely on my own. I'm really proud of that. It was also my first using thermoplastic, which probably shows in how wonky the glasses look, but it was a ton of fun to wear! Arcade photoshoots are amazing.

Worn at: Colossalcon 2015

Sollux Captor  (Summerteen Romance/Human)
From Homestuck

This was a simple and lazy cosplay for a fun day at Cedar Point. This picture in front of the Gemini is all that matters, aside from meeting and hanging out with some awesome people. The shirt almost got me in trouble with the hotel staff until they read it a little more closely. That was amusing.

Worn at: Colossalcon 2015

Mako  (Season 4/Bodyguard)
From Avatar: Legend of Korra

This was my first time making a suit jacket...type thing...and it shows. Never use stretch fabric for this kind of thing. That should go without saying, but clearly I still had to learn the hard way. Welt pockets were fun to learn though! Though I didn't really look stellar in this, props to my Bolin, Ellie.

Worn at: Anime Central 2015

Sollux Captor
From Homestuck

Classic. I think this is my most worn cosplay. And it's funny that one of my first pictures of it has turned out to the be the best. My favorite part is the glasses, which I'll admit I didn't make, but the fact that you can't see through the lenses from the outside is a very nice touch. It also makes it hard to see out of normally, but that comes with the territory of cosplaying Sollux.

Worn at: Anime Detour 2015, Katsucon 2015, Anime Central 2013, Anime Detour 2013

Sollux Captor  (Godtier)
From Homestuck

This is probably the cleanest sewing job I've ever done, especially the lining in the hood. I'd still like to make wings for this eventually, but this cosplay turned out really well! I felt confident in it with and without the hood which usually doesn't happen.

Worn at: Katsucon 2015

Karkat Vantas
From Homestuck

How did my face look this great? That is both a mystery and a fluke that will never happen again. Why did my wig look great? That's because Jade helped me style it. I'm surprised it took me that long to cosplay the basic outfit of my favorite character.

Worn at: Katsucon 2015, Anime Milwaukee 2014

Karkat Vantas  (Dragoncape)
From Homestuck

Couple cosplay! And on Valentine's day no less. Gross. Thanks again to Red for being a great cosplay partner.

Worn at: Katsucon 2015, Anime Milwaukee 2014

The Signless
From Homestuck

The Signless was a lot of fun to both make and wear. It's definitely one of my favorite cosplays I've worn. So many yards of heavy fabric went into the full-circle cloak, it was obnoxious. Couple cosplay are the best though. Thanks to Red for putting up with the most painful headband of all time on multiple occasions for this! I couldn't have asked for a better Disciple.

Worn at: Katsucon 2015, Anime Detour 2014, Kollision Con 2013

Sollux Captor  (Fancy Dreamer Prospit)
From Homestuck

This is still probably the most ambitious cosplay I've set out to make, and although some of it wasn't the best, I'm still relatively proud of it. It was a ton of fun spending a summer working on this with Jade. We had to get creative to find fabric close to the colors we wanted; that was the worst. Thanks to Ashley for making the designs for us! It's a shame we were never able to take photos with our group, but no regrets!

Worn at: Anime Detour 2014, Anime Midwest 2013

Kanaya Maryam  (Genderbent, Formal)
From Homestuck

I brought the red pants out one more time for another Homestuck dance. This is the only picture I have of this cosplay, and it's probably the worst picture I've ever seen. What's with my gaunt face? First time sewing buttons with a sewing machine though! I'm really proud of that vest. It was super simple, but it was so clean.

Worn at: Chicago Promstuck 2013

Dirk Strider
From Homestuck

I borrowed 90% of this cosplay from my friend Tumblr User Kumashiro because I had nothing better to wear the Friday of this con. I definitely wouldn't mind trying to be Dirk again the future. I'd love to make his godtier outfit.

Worn at: Anime Midwest 2013

Sollux Captor  (Trollcops)
From Homestuck

The costume work on this isn't impressive by any means: dress pants, dress shirt, plastic badges, cheap cop hat...but this was my first time working with electronics. Having spent so much money on creating light-up glasses and actually having them work was so rewarding. This also gave me an additional 2.5k followers on Tumblr which only added to that. This is on my list of cosplay to remake some day. Thanks so much to Red for being my Terezi!

Worn at: Anime Central 2013, Anime Milwaukee 2013

Rufioh Nitram
From Homestuck

This was a disaster from beginning to end. I had such high hopes for this in its initial planning stages, but of course to procrastination, it ended up being thrown together. And not only that, but I broke the horns just before putting it on for the con. They didn't original droop like that, I swear! Even though the rest of the cosplay was falling apart from wearing it as well, Rufioh was another incredibly fun character to be. Oh! I'm actually proud of the pants...which you can't see in this thumbnail.

Worn at: Anime Central 2013

Karkat Vantas  (Godtier)
From Homestuck

This was my "learn to sew" cosplay. I had to resew on the double sleeves and the hood to the cape so many times, I felt like I spent more time seam ripping than I did sewing! Of course it was worth it. I would really like to remake this cosplay one day to absolve myself of this broadcloth filled mess, preferably with a prop.

Worn at: Anime Detour 2013

Cronus Ampora
From Homestuck

I threw this cosplay together at the last minute to replace Mituna (which of course never happened). As much as Cronus is not a character I really care for, he was probably one of my favorites to cosplay. It was just so much fun to walk around with an air of confidence that I usually don't have. This was also the first time I wore contacts for a cosplay (white mesh). Why do I constantly cosplay things where I can't see? We'll never know. And ear fins! It was the first cosplay I wore where I felt like nothing was missing. Such a good feeling.

Worn at: Anime Detour 2013, Anime Milwaukee 2013

Kanaya Maryam  (Genderbent)
From Homestuck

This was the first time I had to drive while gray. Would not recommend. This was also the first of many cosplays where I really don't have any pictures to show of it. At the time, I didn't mind because I was worried I didn't look great, but now I wish I had some full body shots of this. It just means that I'll have to cosplay my patron troll again some day.

Worn at: UChiCon 2013

Sollux Captor  (Formal)
From Homestuck

This was hardly a cosplay, but here it is. Simply Sollux in a suit for a Homestuck themed dance. Remember when people used to do those? Good times, good times.

Worn at: Chicago Winter Formal Stuck 2013

Sollux Captor  (HolidayStuck)
From Homestuck

After having only been to a con once, I soon after got invited to make a CMV with a bunch of people whom I've never met. It was terrifying to have to show up at some random person's house for a couple days and gray after having only done it once almost a year ago. It was great though, and I owe it everything for getting involved in the fandom. Oh, also my sweater lit up.

Worn at: Chicago HolidayStuck 2012

Sollux Captor  (Goggles)
From Homestuck

This was the first thing I grayed for, and I'm sure you can tell from the picture that it was a hot mess. Ah well. I had to start somewhere. I still have this wig, and it's the grossest thing in existence. I should burn it. I'm still really happy with how the goggles came out in this. They were almost impossible to see out of, but they looked great from the outside.

Worn at: Anime Milwaukee 2012

The Scout  (BLU)
From Team Fortress 2

Sure, it's a Halloween costume, and it's a few years before I formally started to cosplay. But I'll stick it on this list because it's the first costume I ever put together completely on my own. Nothing was made by me, but every piece was sought out specifically for this costume. It was good enough for me to be proud of at the time and enough for me to realize that this was something I could do more of in the future.

Worn at: Halloween 2009